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Many have come to faith in Jesus Christ through the preaching and teaching of Victor Shepherd.  The purpose of this site is to make available to a wider congregation the sermons and writings which have had a profound effect on my life and the lives of family and friends.

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Recent Address :     Tyndale's University College and Seminary Symposium: "Mental Health in the Christian Community:Awareness, Understanding, Intervention and Support "
The Church and Mental Illness- Myths and Stigmas

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More than 300 sermons indexed by scripture reference.          


Portraits of Christian giants.


Papers and sermons on John Wesley and his theology

Course Materials

Lecture notes from Dr. Shepherd's Tyndale Seminary courses.

  Reviews of theological Books

  Papers on theological subjects

United Church
of Canada Critique

Writings which address issues of faithfulness and obedience to the Gospel.

Bermuda Trial

Expert testimony given by Dr. Shepherd outlining how the UCC contravenes its own Basis of Union in its formal theology as well as its day-to-day operative theology. 


 A search engine to locate documents on a specific topic.

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This web site was published on June 23, 1998 in celebration of Victor Shepherd's
20 years as preacher and pastor of Streetsville United Church.